“Two and a Half Men (or Colin Engle)” at Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto / MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE

“Two and a Half Men (or Colin Engle)” at Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto

by mousse

December 20~2014


- Tried using a strategy to hang all works six inches apart from one another, starting with one of Ryan’s pieces, cycling through Lukas, Jesse, and Shawn, and repeating this cycle until we ran out of space.

- This was ultimately a failure but did lead to some curious groupings, one of which can still be seen towards the back of the gallery (it includes Jesse’s Hamburger screen piece).

- There was an effort to modify this approach and group works in a less structured manner, but this too failed, and didn’t lead to anything you see in the space at present.

- Eventually decided that Shawn’s three large canvases could hold the west wall by themselves, Lukas’ tub sculpture should move away from the dead center of the gallery space (where it sat during 1st day of install), and Jesse and Ryan should split the other main wall, the east wall.

- On top of that, things should go where someone suggested they ought to go.

- At one point Shawn had 44 works in the show, but he wasn’t into that, so that changed pretty quick. His ‘COCKS’ drawing on the east wall near the door was placed late into the install. All thought it was a good place for the drawing.

- Ryan wrestled with his grouping of photos for a long time before settling on a scheme that satisfied him; his box/glass/bead sculpture moved to the rear of the gallery after spending most of 2nd day of install under his photos.

- Half way through 2nd day Jesse found just the right spot for his flattened can, which he risked his health to retrieve after having seen the can flattened by a passing truck from his studio window. His two screen pieces on the east wall were placed and installed with confidence early on the afternoon of 2nd day.

- Lukas liked the idea of having his stools in-line with his tub and small shelf piece, cause he thought he was sort of building an invisible wall. The shelf piece was placed on the north wall at Ryan’s or Jesse’s suggestion, which led to Lukas having the idea of lining up the works

- For the last bit of 2nd day, messed around with everything til it was perfect.

- Ryan decided that he wasn’t happy with his installation so he came in early on the day of the opening to change it. Hannah came in to help. He got rid of his box sculpture.

- Simon moved one of Lukas’ stools to the back area of the gallery to replace Ryans sculpture that was removed.

- Show is now open. For more information please call Lukas Geronimas: 1-718-812-3231

With: Ryan Foerster, Lukas Geronimasì, Jesse Harris and Shawn Kuruneru.


at Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto

until 31 December 2014

Ryan Foerster, Mt. Royal, 2006

Shawn Kuruneru, The Painter with a Crane in his Boat, 2014

Lukas Geronimas, Custom Tub, 2014

Lukas Geronimas, Custom Tub (detail), 2014

Jesse Harris, Pleasure, 2014

Lukas Geronimas, Necklace Sculpture, 2014


“Two and a Half Men (or Colin Engle)” ibnstallation views at Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, 2014

Courtesy: Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto.