David Muenzer “Scalar-Daemon” at Reserve Ames, Los Angeles / MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE

David Muenzer “Scalar-Daemon” at Reserve Ames, Los Angeles

by mousse

February 27~2016

A scalar is a magnitude without a direction. For example, temperature is a measure of a quantity of heat, but that value doesn’t tell you anything about where that heat is, or what way it is going.

Daemon has two definitions. In mythology, a daemon is a spirit without malevolent intentions—an animated characteristic of the natural world. In computing, a daemon is a background process that runs without direct oversight of the user. This later definition clearly owes something to the fantasy of a nature spirit, working outside of human presence.

The hyphenated phrase “Scalar-Daemon” is a neologism, based on a term most people become familiar with when an email is sent to an invalid address and the background process—the mailer-daemon—responds with an automated notice of delivery failure.

Curated Library by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer.

Reserve Ames is located in West Adams, and was established in 2013 by Los Angeles based artist Ben Echeverria.

at Reserve Ames, Los Angeles
until 20 March 2016

David Muenzer “Scalar-Daemon” installation views at Reserve Ames, Los Angeles, 2016

Courtesy: the artist and Reserve Ames, Los Angeles. Photo: Veli-Matti Hoikka and Becca Lieb