Katharina Fengler, Charlotte Herzig and Sonia Kacem “Friday” at Autocenter, Berlin / MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE

Katharina Fengler, Charlotte Herzig and Sonia Kacem “Friday” at Autocenter, Berlin

by mousse

January 18~2014

FRIDAY is an homage to Friday, or the Other Island, a novel by Michel Tournier from 1967. The story retells Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, who after being shipwrecked on an island in the Pacific, slowly adapts to a new life with the help of Friday, a native islander, who introduces him to new ways of experimenting time and space.

Defoe’s 1719 Crusoe is a very nostalgic character, whose archetypal features are built after a colonialist context. During the 28 years he spent as a castaway, the character tries to convert, subordinate and transform his alien environment with the purpose of expanding the British Empire. When Defoe’s Crusoe is eventually rescued, he qualifies his return as a delivery.

Two centuries and a half later, Tournier’s version brings a very poetic reinterpretation, where Friday becomes a central figure in Crusoe’s philosophical evolution on the island. The story revolves around the forgetting of the pre-existing society and introduces the utopian idea of creating an alternative and better system, with its potential to bring new meanings. Crucially, at the end of the story, Tournier’s Crusoe decides to stay on the island and have his rescuers promise to never reveal to anyone the location of the island.

The exhibition FRIDAY refers to the symbolic meaning of the island understood as an idealised and recluse conceptual space for the creation of new meanings. The show gathers the work of three artists who meet for the first time, bringing existing works as well as creating site-specific works together. FRIDAY speculates on the ongoing challenge involved in bringing different practices together, with the intention to create a “real” visual dialogue between three strangers. The show symbolises the coming together of various artistic positions, getting accustomed to each other, learning from each other to finally go separate ways again.

FRIDAY brings together three very different artistic positions with the goal to merge with the space they occupy and the architecture they are surrounded with. Taking intuition as a starting point, all the works on display translate a wide range of painterly emotions, having been produced in a common attempt to assimilate the primitive and the sophisticated.

Samuel Leuenberger & Elise Lammer


at Autocenter, Berlin

until 25 January 2014

Sonia Kacem, Petra, 2013

Charlotte Herzig, Kick Corner, 2013 / Fruit at Night, 2013 / After Real Shell (Smooth Wave of Transformation I), 2014

Katharina Fengler, The Day the Hate Left Your Eyes, 2014 / Anosognosia of Everyday Life 2, 3 & 4, 2014

Charlotte Herzig, Flat Blue Fig, 2013


“Friday” installation view at Autocenter, Berlin, 2014

Photo: Roman März.