Raphael Hefti “Quick Fix Remix” at Ancient & Modern, London / MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE

Raphael Hefti “Quick Fix Remix” at Ancient & Modern, London

by mousse

September 20~2013

Filling the gallery with tons of sand, Hefti transforms the space into an experimental workshop, using thermit welding – an ingenious portable mechanism invented in the late 19th century to melt together train- tracks – to create a piece of ‘land art’ unbounded by specific location. in doing so he shares his fascination with industrial processes and the boundaries of their influenceable imperfection.

“For me the idea of performance is related intimately to the idea of production. Often the situation i work in has its own sense of choreography – from the dunes of a beach to the machinery of a factory floor.”

Hefti’s practice often combines private performance and a kind of low-level industrial work placement, while burning and melting – the process whereby new elements are made – lie at the heart of a number of his photographic and sculpture works: from his glass ‘Subtraction as Addition’ series to his steel poles titled ‘Replaying the Mistake of the Broken hammer’ and his ‘Lycopodium’ photograms made using what in medieval times was known ‘witch powder’ for its explosive and medicinal properties.


at Ancient & Modern, London

until 28 September 2013

Courtesy of the artist and Ancien & Modern, London