“Ice Fishing” at Max Wigram Gallery, London / MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE

“Ice Fishing” at Max Wigram Gallery, London

by mousse

June 22~2014

“Ice fishing is the practice of catching fish with lines and fish hooks or spears through an opening in the ice on a frozen body of water.”

A photograph of ice fishing looks like a minimal activity. A white surround, with a black hole, and an individual engaged in a practice that looks almost motionless. The work that is unseen, cutting into a frozen lake, withstanding the extreme weather conditions and travelling to the often-remote location, are hidden.

Ice fishing is also, along with traditional river fishing, Brooklyn-based artist Charles Harlan’s hobby, and so a link, or rather a way of approaching apparently minimal practices, comes roughly into focus: a process of thinking about ‘work’, and what is worked with.

Looking at the work of five artists spanning five decades since the mid-20th century, Ice Fishing is interested in drawing links between artists whose work, in its simplicity and connotation, belies the important processes and aims that lead to its making.


at Max Wigram Gallery, London

until 26 July 2014


Above – McArthur Binion, Stelluca: V, 2011

McArthur Binion, DNA Study: Circle, 2014

Charles Harlan, London Bricks, 2014

Virginia Overton, Untitled (silver), 2013

Charles Harlan, Concrete, 2014

Virginia Overton, Untitled (Gold Label/SPF), 2013

McArthur Binion, Stelluca: VII, 2011

McArthur Binion, Stelluca: IV, 2011

Michael E. Smith, Sleep, 2013


“Ice Fishing” installation views at Max Wigram Gallery, London, 2014

Courtesy: Max Wigram Gallery and the artists.