Jo-Ey Tang at Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris

10/01 Comprehensive examination of a fired weapon. 300€
10/02 Uncovering an erased number. 150€
10/03 Examination of munitions (caliber, origin, date). 2€/unit
10/04 Macroscopic examination of an element of munitions (size, origin, date,
determining the type of weapon used) and search for connections in the CIBLE
(“TARGET”) database. 100€
10/05 Examination of a garment for assessing trajectory and shooting distance. 250€
10/06 Other services in ballistic. According to estimate
10/07 Hourly rate for specific examination, assistance in reconstitution and other
inquiries. 70€

20/01 Revealing fingerprints on a surface. 120€
20/02 Additional support hourly rate
20/03 Comparison of fingerprints. 120€
20/04 Examination of traces on a document. 100€
20/05 Evidence of falsification of a document. 100€
20/06 Examination of a secure document. 200€
20/07 Supplementary document hourly rate
20/08 Comparison of handwriting or signatures (Laboratories of Paris and Marseille)
Study of a graphic element in question. 130€
Comparison with a writer. 40€
Collection of a specimen for comparison. 50€
Other services in “Document – Traces”. According to estimate.
20/09 Hourly rate for study of files or specific examination. 70€

30/01 Research aimed at establishing an individual profile from FTA card sample.
(exclusively automated high-speed channel) 17€
30/02 Research aimed at establishing an individual profile from FTA card sample.
(non-automated high-speed channel) normal 35€, urgent 50€,
Gendarme Adjoint Volontaire (GAV).70€
30/03 Research and analysis of a biological trace in simple operating nuclear DNA.
normal 120€, urgent 180€, Gendarme Adjoint Volontaire (GAV) 240€
30/04 Research and analysis of a biological trace in complex operating nuclear DNA.
normal 165€, urgent 250€, Gendarme Adjoint Volontaire (GAV) 330€
30/05 Supplementary analysis, nuclear DNA (STR Y, other kits, …)80€ +
30/06 Research and analysis of biological trace – mitochondrial DNA.
normal 200€, urgent 300€, Gendarme Adjoint Volontaire (GAV) 400€
30/07 Analysis of mitochondrial DNA complementary to analysis of nuclear DNA.
normal 245€, urgent 370€, Gendarme Adjoint Volontaire (GAV) 490€
30/08 Hourly rate for study or specific examination. 70€

40/01 Services not priced by the Code of Criminal Procedure
Cost as per estimate based on the recommendations of the National
Company of Biologists and Analyst Experts.

50/01 Qualitative analysis of a sample suspected drug (powder, tablet, liquid,
resin, vegetable): identification of the substance classified as a “narcotic”
and other products present. 100€ Discount depending on the number of samples
per estimate
50/02 Qualitative analysis of suspected drug sample (powder, tablet, liquid, resin,
plants) identification and dosage of major components, entered in the STUPS
database and research for connections between entries in the database.
1—5 samples: 200€ each
6—15 samples: 150€ each
More than 15 samples: 100€ each
50/03 Research of traces of narcotics, with extraction and identification of main
compounds. 120€/surface
50/04 Other services in the field of narcotics. According to estimate.
50/05 Hourly rate for specific work. 70€

60/01 Consultation at the site of fire or explosion. Hourly cost 80€
60/02 Hourly rate of travel time of more than one hour. 35€
60/03 Gas per kilometer from the department. 0.35€
60/04 Analysis of an accelerated substance of combustion. 200€
60/05 Analysis of post-explosion sample. 180€
60/06 Other services in “Fire—Explosions”. According to estimate.
60/07 Hourly rate of report study or specific work. 70€

70/01 Analysis of a paint sample in comparison with database. 350€
70/02 Analysis of textile fibers. 150€/fiber
70/03 Analysis of a glass fragment. 150€
70/04 Research of gunshot residue. 180€/swab
70/05 Research of gunshot residue on clothing. 200€
70/06 Research and analysis of teargas-type products. 365€
70/07 Research and product analysis of stains on banknote or equivalent. 200€
70/08 Examination of lamp filament. 200€
70/09 Identification of vehicle from elements taken from the scene of offense
(fragments of headlights, rearview mirror, bumper etc …). 200€
70/10 Analysis of soil sample. 160€
70/11 Analysis of unknown substances other than narcotics. 200€
70/12 Other services in “physical chemistry” According to estimate.
70/13 Hourly rate for specific work. 70€

80/01 Extraction and processing of a standard mobile phone. 250€
80/02 Extraction and processing of data from a multimedia mobile phone or standard
GPS. 350€
80/03 Extraction and processing of data from a multimedia phone or a GPS-type
satellite and research erased data. 1000 €
80/04 Extraction and processing of a touch-screen device and high memory capacity
device. (ex. iPhone) 1000€
80/05 Saving a voicemail. 200€
If voicemail empty. 75€
80/06 Extraction and processing of data from a mobile phone smart card.150€
80/07 Copy of a digital media technology (DVD, hard drive, USB key …). 150€
80/08 Extraction and processing of data from standard digital technology (CD, DVD,
USB, hard drive, external memory card…) Cost depending on the capacity:
<250 200€, 250 750: 400€, 750 1 terabyte: 800€, > 1 terabyte: 1000€
80/09 Extraction and processing of data from digital media (DVD, hard drive …)
and search for deleted data. Cost depending on the capacity: <250 250€,
250 750: 500€, 750 1 terabyte: 1000€> 1 terabyte: 1500€
80/10 Extraction and processing of data from a phone/fax or a printer hard drive.
80/11 Extraction and enhancement of digital video image. 450€
80/12 Extraction of images from digital technology. 150€
80/13 Digital image processing. 200€
80/14 Unlocking a locked code. 150€
80/15 Enhancement and transcription of audio-digital recording. 100€/15 min
80/16 Other service as per estimate
80/17 Hourly rate for study or specific examination. 70€

at Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris

until 27 October 2012

JO-EY TANG / documentation N°1 @ GALERIE JOSEPH TANG from Galerie Joseph Tang on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris

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