Esther Kläs “Corpo Naturale” at SpazioA, Pistoia / MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE

Esther Kläs “Corpo Naturale” at SpazioA, Pistoia

by mousse

September 29~2012

SpazioA gallery presents “Corpo Naturale”, the first solo show in Italy by the German artist Esther Kläs.

The artist produced the new concrete and resin forms and hanging metal structures during her stay in Pistoia. Throughout the installation, the individual sculptures, which remain entities, form a continuous communication.

“What could there be written about Corpo Naturale? A body like yours and mine. Like yours that is not like mine? That is like no other? What can there be written about hanging and lying forms? Can the generosity of words translate the truth of sight?

To see what it is is seeing what is there.

Moving around or not moving around is an option one can choose.

The sculpture has to remain still that is its destiny.”


at SpazioA, Pistoia

until 10 November 2012


Above — 0/4, 2012


I/1, 2012

0/3, 2012

Courtesy of SpazioA, Pistoia