BOOKS. Lutz Bacher: Do You Love Me?

by mousse

December 5~2012

It takes a lot of guts to ask if you are loved. A form of blackmail can be triggered in your interlocutor. (Maybe, that’s the reason for and against it). It is all the more bold to make a long, big work about this precise inquiry. Hence, such work must necessarily be personal. Lutz Bacher has been interviewing friends and collaborators. When they chat, the big question is never spelled out, rather, it looms over their winding conversations, in which the ‘me’ to be loved turns out to be more “what I do” and, even more, “how I do it.” It’s almost too much to handle, because it’s really confidential, unpolished, and real. This artist book, which collects all the transcripts of those meandering interviews, in a way goes even further than the original material. There are no edits, (or they are made so artfully messy that you don’t notice) so the reading is very fragmented; it feels like being in the backseat of a car driving fast, and you can’t hear every word that is spoken between the front seats, and mostly you can’t see the faces, but it’s kind of thrilling and also rewarding to be close enough to grasp what they say. It’s a long road trip. (Stefano Cernuschi)


Lutz Bacher: Do You Love Me?
Lutz Bacher et al.
Primary Information, New York 2012
440 pages, $ 30