New York – Jack Pierson at Bortolami Gallery / MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE

New York – Jack Pierson at Bortolami Gallery

by mousse

July 16~2010

‘Go there now and take this with you’ is the evocative title of Jack Pierson’s exhibition at Bortolami Gallery. The english artist, best known for his wall sculptures, on this occasion presents large-scale photos of landscapes, paintings, sculptures and still lifes linked by beauty and a thread of passing drama, sexual tension, and ephemeral glamour. The photos, displayed without frames, are intended to age and evolve, questioning the manner in which we view photography.
Above - Jack Pierson, Torse D’Athlete En Marble, 2010
Jack Pierson, Pyramid, Pink, 2010

Jack Pierson, Bird in Flight, 2010
Jack Pierson, Burning Palm Fronds, 2010

Jack Pierson, Cross on Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain, 2010

Jack Pierson, Idols, 2010

Jack Pierson, Eden Roc, 2010

Jack Pierson, Eden Roc, 2010.

All images are courtesy of Bortolami Gallery, New York.