Olve Sande “Outs” at Galerie Antoine Levi, Paris / MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE

Olve Sande “Outs” at Galerie Antoine Levi, Paris

by mousse

February 4~2013

For this occasion the artist was invited to work inside the gallery space concomitantly with its renovation.

Sande’s research has been guided towards the possibilities of the picturial and architectonic versatilities from the used construction materials. Through the revolving of the architettonical perspectives, Sande has transfered the former space’s floor onto the actual gallery’s walls as in a real and proper pictorial gesture, thus questioning the potentialities of interaction between the parquet flooring slabs and the common building material such as MDF, wall filler and paint.

The result is a reinterpretation of the exhibition’s space that animates a dialogue among the artworks thanks to reciprocal and continous cross references between materials and colours.


at Galerie Antoine Levi, Paris

until 16 March 2013


As-wall I, 2013

As-wall I, 2013

Five laminate tiles or a French figure sixty (Monochrome filler painting), 2013

Silent underlayer, 2013

Painting for an unpainted wall (Monochrome filler painting), 2013

“Olve Sande: Outs”, Galerie Antoine Levi, 2013

Courtesy the artist and Galerie Antoine Levi, Paris. Photos: Yann Revol