Rachel de Joode “The Molten Inner Core” at Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin / MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE

Rachel de Joode “The Molten Inner Core” at Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin

by mousse

March 25~2014

In Rachel de Joode’s first solo exhibition in a European gallery she continues her investigation into ‘Things’. Puddles, Meteorites, A Surface of a Dinosaur Bone, Bronze, Grey Goo, Fat, Stone and Human Skin all have an aesthetic calling to de Joode. These things are explored for their material agency, not only their communication with us but with each other and their context.

Skin plays a central role in ‘The Molten Inner Core’. The average human adult carries roughly 2kg of dead skin, the surface of which is shedding every two weeks. This perceptual layer is therefore useful to de Joode when understanding a physical interaction between things, and investigating when a thing changes form.

Works ‘White Pedestal Thing’ and ‘Sculpted Human Skin In Rock’ explore the co-dependance and understanding of pedestal and sculpture. Visibly handmade clay miniatures act as pedestal and sculpture, while abstract forms in human-scale are flat. These two-dimensional shapes are covered in ‘sculpted’ photographs of skin and stand in solid rock. ‘Achilles’ depicts the artists heel and is printed the height of the artist. Although photography is used as representation, each object is acting in a non-hierarchical grouping. A print, the ink, the frame, the floor, a pedestal, a sculpture and even the artist herself retains a potential to become (melt into) another thing.


at Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin

until 26 April 2014


Above – Sculpted Human Skin In Rock (I), 2014

Achilles, 2014

Agency (25 photographs of Things), 2014

A Ruin (I), 2014

A Ruin (I, II & III), 2014

Sculpted Human Skin In Rock (II), 2014

White Pedestal Thing (I, II, III, IV & V), 2013

Rachel de Joode “The Molten Inner Core” installation view at Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin, 2014


Courtesy: the Artist; Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin.