“Traslochi Emotivi RIMESSA” at CANEPANERI, Milan

Conversation between two people whose identity is unknown to date, recorded by an individual ‘authorised to assist’ on 08/07/1932 from 8:26 p.m. to 9:26 p.m. at a hotel bar.

T: What year is it?
E: Why?
T: You said that the photo dates back to 1937 but the calendar on the wall shows that it is 1936.

E: Where is that calendar? Ah..Yes… there was a calendar once. All were passing by and there was a need to understand the day, the date, the time, but no one noticed who was passing beside the sofa or the water falling from the gutter, in those messy buckets in the garden…
You talk about a calendar, and not about why there is a chandelier lit with the sun coming through the window that divides two women, one black and one white, in a room with a red piano.
You should understand why the calendar always shows the wrong date.
T: It shows the wrong date because you have always wanted to cloud the issue. For you every hole in a memory is an opportunity to update the past, losing track of the flowing time. Do you never think about the future?

E: The tracks, we always have them in a pocket, sometimes we use them and sometimes we do not. It is a game of attractions. People always need to line them up, to make them ‘fit’, to create a route with a beginning and an end, but he does not realise that in the end, the cards are mixed to start a new game. The future? Everything is always present. You always have to put (the cards) on the table. Power plays.
T: I do not like your game. And then who are you? Who is she? Who are those women? Then there was that foolish woman, who actually was pretending.,. Exactly. You always pretend. The history is no longer the history, time collapses. Does it not matter to you who you are?
E: Why do you speak in plural?
Exposed to the curious people, I have always been, but I did not think to give the idea of ??being even split into multiple identities. Do you need to shout that you are lost?
T: I am not lost. For you the reality, the past, the identities are like a script or a show, a schedule of events and you people who cancel, modify or invent at your heart-s content, as needed. But my mind is my thing, sweet, precious, in my mind you can not enter and falsify data and facts.
E: Are you still talking in plural?
T: Why do you continue with this story of the plural? You arrive from all parts. But also in that house of ‘pleasure’, at number 105 of the Avenue, you know how many people I’ve seen going through there, they seemed to be martians. Do you want to tell me that I have been dreaming?
E: The problem of the movement and pluralism is the choice. You can never keep your eyes on something that you have fallen for, for more than an hour or ten minutes. You become submissive, or complicit in inappropriate situations for you. You DIVENTI (GO INTO) another state of mind, RUBI (STEAL), play a game of chance and the TU (YOU SINGULAR) becomes VOI (YOU PLURAL) just like you are pointing out right now. But do you not realise that the dream is wakefulness and vice versa? Daily do you deal with something or someone? You spend your time.
You move without restraints, and if you stop then the only thing you have to ask is, who are you? I drink some wine, I smoke a cigarette, or a pack if needed, and I continue to steal ‘time from time’, or I simply create another time.
There was someone who was saying, ‘I am the irresponsible game of a timid person that does not have the courage to write stories and is amused by falsifying (sometimes without any aesthetic justification) stories of others.’
T: So you are saying that you live in a time that you create depending on your mood? It would not be a bad thing if it could be true. So tell me, I’m interested, in which of these time-webs of your creation we are meeting?
E: I’m sorry I missed it, what were we talking about?

(return, throw-in, depot, warehouses, garage, loss, shoot, vomit, puke)



until 20 October 2015

“Traslochi Emotivi RIMESSA” installation views at CANEPANERI, Milan, 2015

Courtesy: CANEPANERI, Milan.

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